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Praise for “Top Hedge Fund Investors”

Posted in Uncategorized by Cathleen Rittereiser on December 6, 2010

Here are the reviews the book received before it went to press…

  • “Cathleen and Larry have written this must read book on hedge funds. They capture the spirit, energy, and the knowledge of the best and brightest of the industry.”
    • Anthony Scaramucci, Managing Partner SkyBridge Capital
  • “An excellent overview and history lesson on the evolution of the global hedge fund industry with sound advice from successful investors.  The foresight and persistence of these prominent investors in hedge funds provides a practical education from invaluable experience.   They brilliantly articulate their successes and shortfalls with great insights for any hedge fund investor.”
    • Glen C. Dailey, Managing Director, Head of Prime Brokerage, Jefferies and Company
  • “This volume will be required reading for any fiduciary or investor serious about understanding hedge funds and their strategies.  In distilling the investment philosophies of major thought leaders, the authors have constructed what will quickly be recognized as a durable intellectual anchor for investors.”
    • Orin Kramer, Chair of the New Jersey State Investment Council, and Partner, Boston Provident, L.P.
  • “A fascinating look into the world of professional allocators.  I recommend any Hedge Fund Manager read this book to get inside the head of the folks that control where the money goes.  Plus, anyone that is considering putting their money with a Hedge Fund will learn valuable lessons from these Leaders.  Not only is this book insightful – it is also thoroughly entertaining.”
    • Emma Sugarman, Head of Capital Introduction, BNP Paribas
  • “Rittereiser and Kochard have distilled the essence of what drives some of the alternative investment industry’s most influential leaders.  They have coaxed these luminaries into revealing not only their investing strategies and outlooks, but also the personality traits and life experiences that make them tick.  The result is a must-read for anyone looking for an edge in, or considering a career in, the alternative investment sector.”
    • Christopher Holt, Director, Industry Relations, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association, and Founding Editor,
  • “In Top Hedge Fund Investors, Rittereiser and Kochard have put to rest any lingering doubts that hedge funds have become an essential component of successful investment programs.  When a collection of extraordinarily talented individuals, like those profiled in this book, dedicate their lives to a common discipline, we can be sure that these strategies have reached a permanent level of prominence in the investment world.  Top Hedge Fund Investors profiles men and women with passion, courage, intellect, tenacity, inquisitiveness and resiliency, who have helped establish a standard of excellence in hedge fund investing that all those who read this book will benefit from emulating.  We are all richer for the authors’ efforts to bring together this outstanding volume of Stories, Strategy and Advice from some of the best hedge fund investors in the business.”
    • Mark W. Yusko, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Morgan Creek Capital Management
  • Top Hedge Fund Investors offers a refreshing perspective and unique insight into the shrouded world of hedge funds. We get a glimpse beyond the numbers and gain an insider’s view of this complex industry. As one who has been with this business for nearly thirty years, I can attest that this book rings true.”
    • Lawrence P. Chiarello, Partner, SkyView Investment Advisors LLC
  • “Great subject, terrific insights from top allocators to hedge funds.  Eldon, Meyer and Hodge show how to avoid making unforced errors when investing.  They and the other Investors make this the best book I have seen on selecting money managers.”
    • Douglas Sperry Makepeace, President, Sperry Fund Management LLC, New York City
  • “An insightful tour of the Hedge Fund World, with some of the most experienced guides that demystify a lot of the wrong ideas people have of this industry and its players.”
    • Michel Amsellem, Member of the Advisory board Banque Heritage
  • “Given the importance that ‘hedge funds’ have gained in financial markets it behooves all investors, not just professionals, to understand the underlying principles used by prominent hedge fund investors. Top Hedge Fund Investors provides an interesting description of the investment philosophy of some of the leading practitioners of this relatively unknown segment of the financial markets, and how they have organized their firms.”
    • Charles Falcon, Retired Corporate Finance Executive

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