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re: The Auditors Reviews “Top Hedge Fund Investors”

Posted in Uncategorized by Cathleen Rittereiser on December 7, 2010

My friend Francine McKenna posted a review of Top Hedge Fund Investors on her blog re The Auditors

Here’s what she said

Given my lack of objectivity about Cathleen’s fabulousness and minimal knowledge of the hedge fund industry, I asked my good friend, David Fialkowski, to help me.

Dave is Vice President at FISCO Investment Management in Atlanta. Prior to FISCO, he was the Director of Marketing and Client Service for six years for Havell Capital Management and a Senior Vice President  of CRA RogersCasey (formerly SEI) where he led the firm’s Capital Markets Group and their Due Diligence effort. He started his career as the Managing Director for the Center for Research in Security Prices at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has a BA from the University of Chicago in Economics and Philosophy and played football for the Maroons.

Among the many great things he said in this thorough, thoughtful review, Dave said:

The bulk of the book is devoted to the stories of successful fund of hedge fund investors. The book not only chronicles their histories and successes, but offers important insights into their investment processes and their outlook for the industry. Top Hedge Fund Investors also serves as a much needed ‘gut-check’ for the entire industry in our post- credit crisis world.

Current and potential hedge fund investors are well served by the candid and expansive interviews of successful hedge fund investors conducted by Rittereiser and Kochard. These managers run funds of funds, hedge funds that invest in other hedge funds. Far from the swashbuckling tales of mega-trades made by hedge fund managers, this book points out that, success = work. And for the nine managers profiled here, lots of work = lots of success.

To read the entire story of how I know Francine (Hint: Her Twitter handle is @retheauditors) and to read Dave’s review of Top Hedge Fund Investors read the full post on re: The Auditors.


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